Egor Rudi

Eruditor Group, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Department of General and Applied Physics, in 2004.
  • 2005: Egor co-founded his first startup in digital marketing - Advalue.ru.
  • 2006: co-founded Vash Repetitor project with Sergey Kuznetsov (founder and CTO of Eruditor Group).
  • 2006-2009: IBM Russia, Key Account Manager in Software Department. Responsible for Telco sector. Graduated from IBM Global Sales School. Participant of IBM top talent program.
  • 2009: Founded Eruditor Group with Sergey Kuznetsov.
  • 2010: Founded summer camp for kids Stranao3.ru. Founded Tutorion.ru as a part of Eruditor Group. Raised angel 600k USD round for Eruditor Group
  • 2011: Lead several seed rounds for consumer internet startups like Lingualeo.com, Foodik.ru. Made M&A deal with Treda.ru,
  • 2012: Participated in Printio.ru's seed round in 2012. As CEO of Eruditor Group Raised 4M USD from Intel Capital and Runa Capital. Closed M&A deal of Foodik.ru and Delivery Hero GMBH (Global Leader in Food Delivery markets).