ClipClock aims to be the Pinterest of Video: Raises $2.5 Million in VC Funding

Enter ClipClock, a Russian video sharing start-up which is aiming to make that leap. Already dubbed the “Pinterest for video clips”, ClipClock has been gathering momentum and along the way attracting VC partners. The start-up recently got much needed boost from VC from Runa Capital which injected $2.5 million into the company’s coffers.

Young but promising

ClipClock is a relatively young enterprise having been launched back in January of this year. Since then the founders have launched a mobile app to accompany the main website and the fresh injection of capital is expected to go directly into marketing and promotion, as well as expanding functionality of the platform.

So what exactly does ClipClock do that say, YouTube doesn’t? At the recently concluded DEMO Fall 2012 Conference; the developers behind ClipClock gave some insight into the platform. Specifically, “ClipClock allows users to collect and share the best clipped video moments. This saves users time – as they no longer have to scroll through and search long videos. Instead, they can watch videos at the exact right moment(s). Clips are easily discovered through search and shared through social media”

CEO Alex Krainov believes that creating a pool of loyal “video sharers” will be key to the growth of ClipClock. Anchoring those efforts of course will be a full mobile assault and so far the platform is available on iOS with development on going for apps on Android and Windows 8.

The latest round of funding brings the total invested in ClipClock so far to $2.75 million. An extraordinary amount really when you consider that the platform is yet to define itself among users. Investors seem to like the fact that ClipClock saves time for people who consume online video. Gaidar Magdanurov, Investment Director at Runa Capital seemed genuinely excited about the prospect: “ClipClock saves time and effort in finding interesting content and watching only interesting pieces of video clips, discovering video clips and sharing opinion around exact moments.”

It’s perhaps too early to tell but given the general optimism of investors, ClipClock may very well turn out to be a winner for its founders. The world of online video is indeed becoming crowded and with so many services and platform devices interacting with each other, a curator seems an ideal solution for management of all that chaos. The start-up also has a first-movers advantage, one which if taken advantage of properly could end up netting its founders millions.

Something as exciting as this deserves full attention so you can be sure that we’ll be covering more of ClipClock. When Pinterest first launched many laughed at its quirkiness and said it was “only for girls”—now those very people are clamoring to raise their profiles on Pinterest. If ClipClock stays true to its early nickname and becomes the Pinterest of video, we want you to be able to say you saw its early beginnings, right here at SiteTrail. (2)


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