Frequently Asked Questions

We value transparency and strive to be as accessible and open as possible.

When's the best time to talk to Runa about investing?

We’re interested in talking to you in the early stages of your business. If you’ve raised more than $20M in a number of rounds, it’s too late for us to get involved. If you are before that stage, we’d love to talk to you.

We like getting our hands dirty and helping entrepreneurs in the early stages of growth on partnerships, fundraising, marketing and hiring. If you are early stage and interested in help on those fronts, we’d love to talk to you.

How do you make investment decisions at Runa?

We evaluate opportunities based on three main factors: team, product and market. 

Team is most important to us and we like to build relationships with founders over time. 

We invest in companies with products that users love, so if you haven’t identified any passionate users of your product yet, we’re probably not the right investor for you. 

And like all VCs, we like massive markets.

How long is your decision making process?

We like to provide as much feedback as possible early in the process and make quick decisions (generally no longer than a few weeks).

We discuss our most interesting opportunities at our weekly pipeline meeting. If we decide to move forward, we’ll provide a term sheet shortly after that and then close on the investment pending a detailed diligence process.

How much do you invest in companies and do you lead rounds or follow-on?

Our sweet spot is Series A, but we'll do Seed checks to Series B. We write checks between $1M and $10M and we like to lead rounds but are comfortable co-investing with others as well. We’ve invested alongside friends at many other venture funds including Bessemer, NEA, General Catalyst and Point Nine.

How big is your fund?

We’re currently investing out of our second fund and it’s a $135M fund. Our first fund (vintage 2010) was also a $135M fund.

How should I reach out to Runa?

We like getting referrals through our network, but are always open to cold emails as well. You should connect with the best person from our fund based on your focus area (see here for more on that).

Where are your offices?

We have an office in the heart of Silicon Valley at 459 Hamilton Avenue in Palo Alto.